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From: Cory DePalma
Subject: “Chicagoland Boy - Chapter 2″ (Teen/Boy - Interracial)Here’s the Usual Stuff: If you don’t like stories with lots of sex
(teen/boy), get your scabby ass outta here. Blue noses shouldn’t even be
at this web site and if you’re under age (18 or 21 depending on your
locale) your eyes shouldn’t even see this sortta stuff - you know that
you’ll surely go blind or “something” may fall off. So get the hell outta
here! Understand? Oh! And if you do read it, please send me an e-mail
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cory1040yahoo.com CHICAGOLAND BOY
By Cory DePalma Copyright 1999 by Corrado Vincenzo DePalma, Jr. - All Rights ReservedPlease Note This Very Carefully: The author retains all rights to this
story. You cannot distribute this story, put it on another web site and/or
display this story without the written consent and permission Lolita Tgp of the
author. —————————————————————
Chapter 2We both had a great night sleep - after the middle of the night comforting
session with Huw and trying to relieve some of his problems. When I awoke
he was still sleeping with his head on my lower chest; he was completely
under the blankets. I had the blankets up to my nose. It wasn’t cold in
the room but it felt so great being completely under the covers and cuddled
up with this cute kid. The warmth of his body felt so remarkable against
mine. I could feel his cock and balls pressing against my leg. It was
truly comforting. His right hand was still on my chest and I could feel
his breath as it warmed me over and over again.I looked at the clock on the mantle; was 8:40. I knew the folks had
probably left for their series of morning meetings and that I would have to
find things to do for the day. I also knew that one of the things I wanted
to do today was sleeping right next to me. I had never been with a
prepubescent boy before. Well, that’s not completely true. When I was a
prepubescent boy I had been with other young boys, but that doesn’t count.Huw started to stir and I felt his right hand, his badly mutilated hand,
begin to rub my chest. I was just about completely hairless and the feel
of his hand Lolita Tgp on my smooth, dry chest drove me to an immediate erection. I
knew that he felt it because he poked Lolita Tgp his head out from under the covers
and smiled at me.”That’s a nice one you got, Cory. It feel like a real big beauty.” Then I
realized that Huw was rubbing my erect cock with his crippled right hand
and it drove me absolutely apeshit. I started to shudder and thrash
around. “Takes it easy, Cory,” Huw whispered as he moved his body up along
mine. He had his mouth right near my ear. “Takes it easy. We got time,
right?”"Yeah! Yeah!” I panted. He had removed his hand from my cock and I began
to calm down a bit - but just the slightest bit. Huw was really getting me
hot, hot, hot! This kid was an erection trigger for me!”When was the las’ time ya cummed?” Huw asked while I was trying to calm
down.”Uh.I think it was four or five days ago, Huw. Why?’”‘Cause if’n I give you a quick blowjob, then you’ll be able to handle
things better’n then I’ll be able to work on ya all the way. Unnerstan?”"Yeah, I think so, Huw.”Huw dove back under the blankets and began to work on my cock and balls.
The feel of his maimed hand on my equipment drove me fucking crazy. I
could not explain what was happening to me then and I can’t explain it now.
All I know is that Huw’s manipulation of my cock and balls with his
mutilated hand had me on the very edge.Huw then stuck out his hot tongue and began to slurp on the head of my
cock. He was drinking in all he precum I was pumping out. He shoved his
tongue into the slit and put his luscious soft lips all around the ridge.
He started sucking and putting plenty of pressure on that dick. He moved
the pitiful remains of his hand slowly and surely up and down the shaft of
my cock and I was absolutely ready to come. I thought my fucking dick was
going to disintegrate!”Oh, shit, Huw!” I moaned rather loudly. “I gonna come! I’m gonna
come…” And shit! Did I come! I really came! God! Did I ever come! I
was pumping out a really big load - and pumping - and pumping - and
pumping. Shit! I was forcing it out at a tremendous rate (well,
tremendous for me) and Huw was taking it all very easily. I felt him
swallow a few times and still he was sucking and sucking on my cock and
moving his right hand all over my balls. I felt him squeeze my balls with
his thumb against that crippled palm and I was just phenomenally excited.After Huw completely drained me, he lifted his head and gave me an
incredibly big smile. I smiled back at him and held my arms open. He
crawled up into my arms and I hugged him tightly. He kissed me lightly and
then a little bit harder and then harder still, until we were tongue
wrestling and both getting very excited again. I suddenly dawned on me
that I had not even seen Huw’s boy equipment yet and I really longed to
make my friendly acquaintance with his cock and balls.I could not get over the scope of the orgasm I just had. I was still
feeling the wonderful aftereffects all over my body. In addition, I could
not get over the feelings I had for Huw.I rolled Huw off of me and onto his back. He looked so incredibly cute and
wanting laying there with his head on the pillow. We were still under the
cover and I felt so warm and cozy and had the wonderful feeling that used
to come over me as a little kid when I was in bed after waking up in the
morning - a feeling of being wanted and being needed that all was right
with everything in my life. Everything was great and was only going to get
better. I had that same feeling now that I was here in bed with my
wonderful Huw.For the first time I saw Huw’s entire body and I wanted to cry. Besides
losing those four fingers of his right hand, I could definitely see that
poor Huw had been abused in other ways too.”My god, Huw! What’s happened to your body?” I asked. I was trying to be
as calm as possible but it was not easy after seeing the mess, that
absolute mess, that was Huw’s body!”Well, some’s my daddy’s doin’s, some’s my momma’s doin’s and some’s from
others,” he replied in a near whisper.”You poor baby,” I said in my most soothing tone Lolita Tgp as I began to pet and
stroke his body. It really was a rather beautiful body, quite muscular and
well defined though very thin. I could easily see all his ribs. It was
the excessive scarring, though, that drove me to hatred of those that did
this to him and also profound and deep feelings for Huw and the hardships
that he must’ve endured in his young life.I soothingly ran my hand over some of the scars on his chest and around his
nipples. The scarring was particularly severe around his cute little
baby-like nipples. When I looked closely I saw that actually part of
nipples had been removed. Lolita Tgp What the fuck was this? What’s happened to this
kid? And why?”HUW? What happened to your nipples? There’s some terrible scarring all
around `em?”He just looked at me with terror written all over his face. He started
tearing up and I quickly grasped him with both arms and held him close to
my chest. “Okay, sweetie, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.
Sh-h-h-h-h. Everything’s gonna be all right.”He began to cry rather hard and I continued to rock him and tried to soothe
him. “Huw must have a lot of severe problems bottled up inside,” I
thought. “He must be a walking advertisement of abuse and punishment and
hatred.”"C’mon, Huw,” I said in a jokey manner, “I haven’t even seen your dick yet
and Lolita Tgp you’ve seen and sucked mine. We have to be fair about this, don’t we?”He picked his head up off my chest and looked at me. “Okay, but can we
just cuddle firs’ for a while?”I lay down and held him as he cuddled close to me. He maneuvered his body
so that he could get the maximum contact with my body and just pushed
himself totally against me. He was so warm and lovable and he held me
tightly; I soothingly stroked his back - at least I hoped it was soothing
to him.He spoke very softly. “My momma tried t’cut off my nipples. She said they
was the devil’s tools. But then I started to bleed so bad tha’they had to
rush me t’hospital and they had to put a lotta stitches in me t’stop all
the blood.”Still another shocking revelation from Huw. Christ! I don’t know how many
more of them I could take! This kid had been through so much horror that
my mind was spinning. I just continued to soothe him and he continued to
hold me tightly.He took a deep breath and spoke very slowly and deliberately. “I runned
away when my daddy tell me that afta he finishes cuttin’ off all my fingers
for lettin’ boys fuck me Lolita Tgp
he goin’…he goin’… he goin’ t’cut off my dick
and balls. He said they was sinful.”I sat up immediately and just looked at Huw. “What?” I scream out. He was
crying lightly and shaking his head from side to side. I hugged him
closely and deeply to my body; he began to sob harder and gasped for
breath. He was really gasping for breath something awful! He started to
have real difficulty breathing. I was getting panicky! I didn’t know what
the hell to do! Doctor! I need to get a doctor! I reached for the phone
and immediately called for the house doctor - I told them I thought Huw was
having an asthma attack.The doctor was in the suite in five minutes - nothing like having some
pull, eh? Lolita Tgp She checked Huw out, but before she would give him any
medication or shot she needed an adult to sign a consent form. I pulled
the doctor aside and informed her that he was a street kid who I had given
a night’s shelter to and that there wasn’t an adult around right now. My
father would be happy to sign when he returned but that wouldn’t be for a
few hours.She was very reluctant to do anything for Huw, but then he had another
severe bout of wheezing and choking and being unable to catch his breath
again, so she gave him the shot and the medication and he was almost
immediately better. She told me that he would be very tired for a couple
of hours and to let him sleep as much as possible and to have him eat
lightly. She also mentioned to me that he seemed quite malnourished and it
would be a very good idea to get him to a pediatrician for a complete
checkup as soon as possible.I thanked her and went back into my (and now also Huw’s) bedroom. He was
under the blankets and gave me a weak wave and smile. I sat down on the
edge of the bed and stroked his forehead.”I’m sorry, Cory. I’m sorry t’cause ya Lolita Tgp all dis trouble. I didn’t think I
get dis sick.”"Hey, that’s no problem Huw. It’s the way thing go. I’m just glad that I
was able to get the doctor for you. Have you had this problem before?”He nodded. “I usta get the attacks ever’ month or so. But I haven’t got
one since summer. I’m so sorry, Cory, ” he whined.”Hey man, nothin’ to it. It’s really okay.” I sat down on the edge of the
bed and took his hand into mine. “Would you like to eat something or get
some sleep now?”"Sleep,” he replied. I Lolita Tgp dressed quickly, covered him up with the warm
blankets, kissed his forehead, closed the lights and went into dining room.
Melinda brought me some breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry.”Is the little boy all right?” she asked.”Yes, I think he’s going to be fine, Melinda.” I picked at my food. ——————————————Obviously my sexual episode with Huw had been indefinitely postponed. I
was at loose ends - not knowing what to do with all this spare time. I
didn’t want to leave him alone in the hotel suite and I didn’t want to stay
in the suite all day either. What was I going to do with my time before I
met Huw? I grabbed a Lolita Tgp copy of the Chicago Tribune to see what movies were
playing in town or what else there was to do.I went out and caught a cab to The Loop. This is the old business center
of Chicago and contains some of the greatest examples of the beginnings of
modern American architecture. After the Great Fire most of the city had to
be rebuilt and the best architects in the country went to Chicago and set
up shop. And what masterpieces they turned out! I roamed around with my
architectural guidebook, walking into some of the building lobbies and just
generally looking. I went to State Street and went into the Carson, Pirie,
Scott department store, designed by the great Louis Sullivan, the father of
modern American architecture and the teacher of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is
a magnificent building and one of the early steel structured buildings in
America. If you’re ever in Chicago, you owe it to yourself to see this
magnificent monument to American ingenuity. By the way, Sullivan designed
the famous Wainwright Building in St. Louis (my home town) that is
considered the first steel skeleton building in the US.I had lunch at Shaw’s Crab House, one of my favorite places to eat in the
city, and then meandered my way back to the hotel. I sat in the living
room and turned on the TV, just channel surfing, when the door of my/Huw’s
bedroom opened and Huw slowly walked into the living room. He was wearing
an oversized bathrobe and looked so incredibly adorable.”Hi, Huw. Are you feeling any better?”He nodded and gave me a little smile. “I’m feelin’ alone in the bed”. He
said this rather seductively and he struck a rather cute little boy pose
with one finger of his left hand in his mouth. “Could ya help me, Cory?” I
stood up and he put his right hand into my hand while continuing to suck
one finger of his left hand. We walked hand in hand into the bedroom.I locked the door, undressed and got into bed Lolita Tgp with Huw. He cuddled closely
up to me and continued to suck on his finger. “Can ya rub my bad han’,
Cory?” he asked very gently and in an almost baby-like voice. “It always
gets t’hurt a awful lot when I’m feelin’ bad.” I took his poor mutilated
right hand into my hands and began to rub it soothingly. Again it had the
same effect on me as it had previously - I became incredibly aroused. Huw
was becoming aroused also because I could feel his dick against the side of
my abdomen.”Ya don’t min’ rubbin’ my cripple han’, do ya Cory?” he asking in very
plaintive tones. “A lotta peoples don’t even wanna see’t.”"Oh no, Huw,” I answered. “In fact I really…I really do love rubbing
your hand. It makes me feel warm and loving, and it makes me know that you
have accepted me and know that you care for me a great deal. Just as I
care for you, sweetheart.”"Oh, Cory,” he said in a whisper. “I do care for you a lot.” He snuggled
closer, if that was possible. I turned on my side and we were chests to
chest. I was still holding his right hand and I also began stroking his
back with my other hand. I kissed his forehead and then worked my way down
to his warm nose and finally his lips. His lips were quite badly chapped
and cracked in places but I kissed them tenderly anyway. He pushed hard
against me and moaned slightly. “Oh, Cory!” he said after we broke the
kiss. “You’re the first guy to kiss me like that in sucha very long time.
It’s…it’s so lovin’ and warm and I really…really feel good `bout
you…and me.”"Thanks, Huw. But I like you very, very much and I wanted you to know how,
you know, how I feel about you.”He gave me a wonderful big smile and I held him close again. Lolita Tgp
I continued
to stroke his back and kissed him again. He slowly forced his tongue into
my mouth and we kissed intimately and long. When we broke the kiss I began
kissing and licking down his Lolita Tgp neck and throat until I reached his little
scarred nipples.”I don’t got no feelin’ in my nipple anymore Cory,” he said in a choked
voice.”That’s okay, Huw. I want to Lolita Tgp lick `em anyway. I want to lick you all over
to show you how much I want you and how much you mean to me.” He hugged me
tightly when I said this. This was one amazingly loving kid.I worked down his chest to his navel. Huw looked nicely developed - he was
going to be a strong kid when me matured. However, he did have all those
scars on his body and I felt so sorry for him. It must have been so
painful when he was younger, and painful now whenever he looked at his
body.I moved the blanket and took a close look at his package for the first
time. It was so beautiful it brought some tears to my eyes. His black
cock and ball were really gorgeous. They looked almost like a deep black
and purple. I glanced up and smiled at him and he gave me a big smile
back.”You’ve got a really great package there, Huw. I love it!”"Do ya really, Cory?”"Absolutely! You’ve got a really nice big dick and large balls for a kid
who’s only ten; and they’re so truly beautiful.” He smiled at me again.”I’m glad ya like `em so much. I runned away `cause my daddy wanted t’cut
`em off, like I tol’ ya. I think when he saw how big I was gettin’ when I
was only eight he got, you know, very upset.”"I’m glad you ran away. It would have been a tragedy to lose these
beauties.”I put my hand over his rather large boy dick and rubbed it slightly. Huw
was uncircumcised and had a wonderful four-inch penis; it was quite thick
for such a young kid. His cock was darker than his skin, which was Lolita Tgp pretty
dark to begin with. He ball sac was large and it actually dangled. It too
was very dark and there was very little wrinkling on the scrotal skin. His
balls looked to be the size of large lima beans.The picture that he presented was one of total deliciousness. He was
absolutely lovable and scrumptious. I knew I want this boy in every
possible way. I also think he wanted me to want him in every way.”I want to make love to your whole body, Huw. You are the most luscious
thing I’ve Lolita Tgp ever seen.”"Ya don’t min’ this?” he asked as he help up his mutilated right hand.”Absolutely not. As I told you before, I like everything about you - your
face, your body and legs and arms and your terrifically gorgeous package.”
I tickled his balls and he giggled. “I also love your hand even though it
is so.well, you know, so disfigured.” With this said I took his hand and
kissed all over. I ran my tongue over the scars where his fingers should
have been. It was a slightly rough feeling but I loved it.I loved the feel
of it on my tongue and having most of it in my mouth made me extremely
aroused and hard. I was leaking plenty of precum all over the bed.I continued rubbing his deformed hand as I bent over. I gently rolled the
foreskin back from the head of his wonderful boy cock. It was an extremely
dark purple in color and I just loved it - absolutely adore it - it was
positively perfect! His piss slit was rather large and was yawning opened.
The head was just perfectly shaped and so intensely inviting.I knew I wanted - and need - all of Huw. I kissed the head of his
wonderful dick. I left my lips there and ran my tongue into the slit - it
could feel it pulsing lightly on the surface of my tongue. This kid tasted
as wonderfully as he looked. He was panting slightly at all my attention
to him. He seemed to love it almost as much as I loved it. I began to
slip my lips down the shaft and traced my tongue around the very sensitive
ridge of his cock head. Huw definitely liked what I was doing because
began rubbing his crippled hand all over my neck and head and back and
sides.I slowly began to lower my mouth onto Huw’s gorgeous cock shaft. All the
while I kept moving my tongue back and forth on the underside of his cock.
He began to squirm, moving his hips and butt into the air, forcing his dick
deeper into my mouth. It felt so wonderful and exciting in my mouth. It
was so unbelievably large for such a young boy’s dick; it almost filled my
entire mouth. I loved the feel of it on my tongue…the incredible heat
from it…the way it continuously pulsated…and the heavenly, heavenly
taste of this wonderful boy.I was absolutely the best I could ever remember having; I totally thrilled
with Huw. I started working harder on his scrumptious dick. I applied
more and more suction and Huw was getting more and more animated. I
brought one of my hands up to his hanging nuts and began to softly roll
them around in my fingers and palm. They felt so nicely large and were so
deliciously warm and so delicately smooth and so soothing to manipulate.
This kid was going to be an absolute stud in the package department when he
was fully matured. Except for his body mutilations, he could develop into
one amazing Lolita Tgp
hunk.Huw was moaning loudly and breathing quite hard. He suddenly moved his
mangled hand right to my balls. I hadn’t expected this and it was quite a
shock for me - I let out a large moan that vibrated on Huw’s big dick in my
mouth. The feeling Lolita Tgp of that hand playing with my smooth sac just drove me
crazy. He also began to stroke my cock with that stumpy hand and I
suddenly realized how hard I was and how close to coming I was. It felt
glorious - as I pictured in my mind his crippled hand making love to me, my
whole body Lolita Tgp started trembling uncontrollably.I continued to handle his balls more and more roughly. I could also feel
the fabulous sensation of Huw’s scarred and rough hand working on my cock
and balls. All of a sudden I felt Huw’s balls starting to get tight
against the base of his cock. Simultaneously, I felt his cock getting
thicker and thicker in my mouth and against my tongue. It was really
filling me up. I was going absolutely wild.Huw was getting very, very close and so was I! We were going to come
together! This was so marvelous! We were having sex together for the
first time and we were going to come together. So fucking marvelous! We
were coming…coming…coming…together! We were absolutely coming as
one!And we did! And it was…was…was fucking…fucking…marvelous!
The End (…for now)

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